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Are You Expecting to See Ashley Tisdale Wedding Dress?

Le 30 December 2013, 10:23 dans Humeurs 0

Do you like Ashley Tisdale buy bridesmaid dress? Yesterday, she can not contain her engagement excitement. We can understand what is this feeling. As a women who is waiting for her wedding, she is so thrilled and happy. The black sheath evening dress make her cool and charming. It is to easy to see from her expression her expression and dress that she is very thrilled.

She twittered about her engagement instantly. "Best night of my life. We're on top of the world," she wrote. Then, she thanked fans for their congratulatory statements and well wishes, using the hash tag "#imthehappiestgirlintheworld." There is no doubt that she is planing for wedding, for her wedding dress. So all of us are expecting to see what pattern it is. Are you one of us, friends?

"It was totally romantic and Ashley's over the moon, of course!" said one source. "Her dress will be very beautiful and one of the most cheap bridesmaid dress " some of her fans guess. At this time, the public delivered more reports about her and her wedding planning matters. Compared to the singer status, she is more a woman, who is expected and deserved to have a perfect family and life. Planning for wedding is just one step for her.

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As Us magazine noted that after deliberately hiding her hand for a week, the blonde actress finally unveiled the rock when she appeared with her fiance at the InStyle Summer Soiree Aug. 14. Arriving at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood, the star brought a whole new meaning to "blushing bride" in a vibrant printed Clover Canyon dress, bright aqua earrings and pink pumps. So, after all, what dress she will wear, short bridesmaid dress, strapless sexy wedding dress, or others. Now, we can only expecting what will happen next.

Actually, for more brides, they are wishing a good and perfect wedding. With no matter they are elegant dresses, princess dresses, backless dresses or other patterns, brides will be happy as long as she satisfies. When it come to the Ashley Tisdale, her dress will be probably custom made.

Let Me Tell You the Characteristics of the Corset Bridal Gowns?

Le 27 December 2013, 09:29 dans Humeurs 0

Strapless dress is a common kind of wedding dress styles, because the strapless style always give a person with grand, noble feeling is the first choice for many brides . Have a lovely, romantic only beautiful style, luxurious atmosphere. This design is suitable for brides of all shapes and sizes, but if not enough plump chest is not suitable to wear strapless style.

Now let me tell you of that wipe a bosom. That is romantic bridal gowns, corset bridal grows or stunning floor length evening dresses . Wearing a wedding dress of the type that wipe a bosom, the bride will reveal most of the neck, to avoid the neck is a kind of vacant,you had better choose a close to the neck or length above the clavicle necklace to match. Choose a pretty pendant necklace can also achieve good visual effect.But do not choose a long necklace, it may pull your neck curve is too long, not beautiful either. A can highlight the bride's delicate necklace and strapless dress with elegant temperament is the perfect fit. So first of all, underwear must be fit. Next, use opportunely transparent shoulder straps. And wedding dress size is to fit, to avoid a straight style or straight style, or avoid chest straight cutting.

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Strapless gowns and cheap puffy prom dresses can be divided into a variety of types. A word version of wipes bosom is also known as Princess Dress. This style of dress is the most common, the most widely applicability, the safest, and how to wear will not be wrong.Second, the queen type wipes bosom is characterized by high waist line, especially suitable for to cover the waist or abdominal fat bride, is pregnant bride's style of choice. But for a shorter bride, should choose carefully. Third, the bitter fleabane bitter fleabane skirts that wipe a bosom are suitable for large, traditional and solemn wedding occasions, especially the first selection of fairy tale wedding. And they are suitable for moderate height bride.

Bride who is too high or too low shall choose carefully. Number four, the tight skirts that wipe a bosom is very common, abroad wedding style is contracted, but should be in constant change, and in the form of wedding is suitable for various occasions. Rather that wipe a bosom is also requiring the bride figure a style, need curve good figure to wear the best effect. Last, the tail type wipes bosom, the sexiest style, at the same time, the figure is very demanding. Height is not a problem; the curve is the most important. Well dressed, it is the most can have the effect of making people’s mouth open.

Strapless dress with elegant and big one to many aristocratic wedding supplies, wedding dress or design your own prom dress still keep the tradition of the Victorian era - length to the ground yarn, long sleeves, strapless, yarn surface with shawls, this is a romantic and beautiful wedding dress. Corset bridal grows or romantic bridal grows are good choice for those who want to be noble.

2013 Wedding Hairstyle Trend and How They Fit Each Wedding Dress

Le 23 December 2013, 11:32 dans Humeurs 0

Every woman wants to be out of the ordinary in her wedding, and they want to become the most beautiful bride in the world. Hairstyle plays an important role in a beautiful bride modeling. Dressed in elegant dress should not with a mass hairstyle, and royal blue bridesmaid dresses with a curly hair will have an over grand feeling. As for the one shoulder evening dress, some of which are ornamented with a huge tiara, may have a overstate looking. The 2013 wedding fashion hairstyle is not a specific species, but a feel of the sophisticated proportionality of hairstyle and dress. So, what is the most suitable hairstyle for the long formal evening dress?


As for the most popular one shoulder evening dress, this is a classic wedding, space for modeling is very big, and therefore, many types of hairstyle can be chosen.

Cute and sexy curls on the wedding day will highlight your best advantages; this hairstyle is suitable for almost all kinds of beach wedding dresses gowns. Sometimes, adding some flowers like decoration around the ears is a good choice, which makes you look much younger. A chignon concise and elegant like ballet dancers’ reveals a noble feeling and it is also fashion. To increase the number of layers of the chignon, diamond hoop is recommended. Proud feeling hairstyle is so attractive that it can let the bride win more back rate. Fancy horsetail is now in fashion, simple and stylish, easy to manage and it becomes a good bride hairstyle. Wearing the veil makes retro hairstyle unique. Of course, the gorgeous big wavy hairstyle is always a good choice.

Speaking of the elegant and dreamlike discount wedding dress, usually they have many accessories, and the dresses are very l. Generally speaking, the types of hairstyle corresponding to dresses are complex too. A successful hairstyle can often be a plus for the floor length evening dresses. Soft with graceful posture, will make a deep impression for every gests.

Long formal evening dress with tight curls of hairstyle, the princess temperament will come out, fresh and elegant, romantic and pure. A chignon can make the face look small, and visually lengthening the neck, such collocation makes the bride look taller, but it is not suggested for those brides who are not confident in their own faces. In addition, long formal evening dress with the one side curly hairstyle will show girls’ romance. With a retro feeling golden brown short curly, brides will have extraordinary temperament. If brides have confidence in their hair, a simple tied back long hairstyle will be the graceful soft!

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